Memorial Design and Installation

Jones Monument Company is unsurpassed in the quality of our monuments. Whether a memorial for your loved one or a large-scale war memorial for a city park, our team strives to produce the absolute best.


A Sure Foundation

Jones Monument Company goes the extra mile in monument installation. Many monument companies set their monuments on 4-inch concrete pads. After a few rainy periods, your monument ends up leaning, and potentially falling over. At Jones Monument we put at least 14 inches of concrete below ground, if not more. Why 14 inches? In southwestern Oklahoma, 14 inches of concrete puts the bottom of your monument's foundation well below the frost line ensuring that it will remain standing upright and secure for decades.



Bill Crowdis was one of the early pioneers of the photoblasting technique and continues to produce beautiful photo replications in stone. Many companies use laser etching to put photographs on stone. Their lasers heat the stone causing mini explosions on its surface. This produces a slightly fuzzy image. Photoblasting on the other hand uses a unique chemical mask and fine sandblasting techniques to produce a clear, sharp image. In addition, Jones Monument Company uses powerful photo editing software, so we can make your loved one's photo look the best that it can be.


Custom Sculpture

Very few companies in the world can create memorials with the artistic touch of Bill Crowdis and his team. From teddy bears, to guitars, to tropical waterfalls, they have the tools and the creativity to sculpt whatever you need. Please, see our gallery page for examples of our sculpture work.


From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Even with our "standard" upright memorials, Jones Monument Company adds an extra touch of artistry and detail that most companies simply cannot. We have dozens of designs that were hand drawn by Bill Crowdis himself. Also, the finishing touches provided by Jones Monument Company set us apart from the rest: individual shading of design elements, hand-carved flowers in stone, 23-karat gold leaf lettering, photoblasting, and custom, hand-drawn designs. No other company offers so much for such a great value.


Countertops and Architectural Elements

In addition to memorials, Jones Monument Company also offers countertop services. Transform your kitchen, bathroom, office, bank, or business into a place of elegance. There is nothing like real granite countertops to add beauty to any space. Also, we can create almost anything from address markers, signage, time capsules, and so much more. Contact Us to let us help you with your next project.


Friendly Service

Bill Crowdis and his team at Jones Monument Company have helped thousands of people over the years find the perfect memorial for their loved ones. Whatever your situation, let us work with you on the best solution. From small foot markers to large family memorials, rest assured you will love what we create for you.